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Don’t pay that big Realtor Commission!

You still need a Realtor as a seller but the 5, 6 or 7% FEE is way too much to pay today.

20 years ago the Realtor was the “gatekeeper” for buyers to find houses. Not so with today’s internet. More often than not the buyer will find your house on or on their smart phone.

Realtors do play MANY valuable Roles but not so much in the introduction of your house to a buyer.

Therefore we can save a lot of money by offering the buyer’s broker a “flat fee” you feel is fair. I will handle the list side including posting on the local Multi List System and or dot CA on an hourly rate. You save thousands of dollars and get TOP professional “FULL” service.  If you or I find the buyer, we will save many more thousands. Check this out under the ‘seller saves dollar sign tab.

When you are selling, I will get you a fair price and guide you and your lawyer through the transaction.

Call me.

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