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Thomas Goebel, dba Tepee Realty, Plymouth MI or Thomas Goebel, Brokerage, Windsor ON


Lower broker fees with full MLS +
more service, better exposure for less.

Don’t pay that high commission!

Get Tom’s bid. Flat fee, lower percent or by the
hour consulting. It is a no lose proposition, if you
don’t list with Tom have your so called friend or
relative match the discount fee quoted.

International marketing
for investment and high end quality residential property.


Michigan Association of Real Estate Exchangers

$1Million+ Commercial, industrial, income and
investment properties.

Broker to broker introductions

to properties hosted by Tom Goebel
1031 IRS Tax free Real Estate Exchanges

Meet 3rd Wednesday each month live online marketing

Become a Realtor member, enjoy exposure to prime investment properties


Rebates to most buyers

  • Must be disclosed if there is a lender

  • Must be made to buying entity

  • Prefer to put this credit on Closing statement

The bigger the sell side fee from other brokers the larger your rebate. 20% of sell side fee offered Tom

Tom teams up with Brokers anywhere in North


International Real Estate

Assistance in any State USA
Or the Province of Ontario Canada

By the hour or flat fee

Tom partners with brokers throughout North
America to build clients a better team

Put 50 years of experience on your side.

Among highest credentials in the Industry


Real estate - re-imagined!

The Realtor Emeritus with over 50 Years Experience.
Uniquely licensed in both Canada and the United States.
REBATES for both Buyers and Sellers.  –  Just IMAGINE


I would like to express my gratitude for all the help you have given us in negotiating the property tax reduction with the city (Township of Canton). The detailed property analysis and price comparison you have provided prove to be very fruitful. Thanks to you, we reduced our property tax by half. Your service has been nothing short of professional, and the fees were very fair and reasonable.


Property Owner

Thanking you for your diligence, attention to detail, patience, honesty and above all, integrity of the overall process of the sale. Tom. …I can say that when I needed help and understanding you were there. Professionally, it’s not the end all but part of the process of a successful relationship. It was more complicated, sophisticated and compounded than estimated as you stated, but we got the job done in the end. Thank you friend!! Sincerely Sal,



"Testimonial" Tom Goebel through his thorough research and knowledge, and his successful career as both realtor and broker realtor has displayed equanimity and good judgement when dealing with other realtors who were incompetent. I will recommend Tom Goebel to anyone wishing to list their home for sale. John and Mary Gallina Tom, we want to thank you for your help and cooperation. John Gallina March 18, 2024

John & Mary Gallina

To the clients of Tom Goebel, We are writing to recommend Tom Goebel as a highly skilled and professional Realtor. He took the time to understand our needs and provided valuable advice and guidance throughout the entire process. Tom was extremely knowledgeable about the current market trends and he knew how to effectively market our property to potential buyers. He ensured that our property was presented in the best possible light. He truly had our best interests at heart and we are grateful for his hard work and dedication. Thanks to Tom’s efforts our property sold quickly. The entire process went smoothly and stress-free and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Frank & Clorinda Soares 32400 Cambridge, Livonia MI April 15, 2024

Frank & Clorinda


Tom found out that the seller had been transferred to another state and his employer benefit package provided paying a 7% commission on the sale of his home. Tom developed a sale price that gave the seller what he wanted, and added the 7% commission to the price. After paying Tom's flat-rate, I was left with money from the commission to provide a down payment.



Tom,I have lived with what I call Route 66, for many years with my original partner,Carl Johnson, who died leaving property to his wife as part of a divorced settlement, her name Elizebeth, who died leaving property in Trust, until I bought out their daughter in trust. Route ^^ has been al long and expensive journey. Without you and your knowledge and dedication to staying the course and being the Innovator you are I believe Route 66 may have remained in my eSTATE BEYOND MY DEMISE AND mARY left with the resolve of what to do with Route 66 . Again let thank you for your service. What a journey this has been,and one I will treasure for life. Tony Gallina

John Gallina

Route 66

Once again Tom (Goebel) Hits it out of the park Grand slam!@ Recently I decided to retire and liquidate my Business The real-estate being the most valuable asset I felt it could only be trusted to be in the hands of Tom Goebel. Within 3 week Tom had produced a valuable customer and in less than 6 weeks we had closed the sale. Thank you Tom Goebel for your hard work January 10, 2022

Tom Kargul


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$ 165000000
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30 +
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