How to show a vacant house safely

Realtors and Property managers can operate on a limited basis during the Pandemic. Cautions are in order; however, we are in basic needs business of “shelter” as in Food, shelter and clothing. Instruct your prospective buyers or tenants to keep driving by the outsides. If vacant there is a big advantage during this Pandemic. Prospect can peak in the windows if vacant which would be inappropriate if occupied. If a buyer or tenant wants to see the inside here are some ideas to be safer in doing so.…

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Thomas Goebel International Real Estate Consultant

One thing about real estate is that it is always "local" so what might be true in Seatle, was not the same in Detroit. Houses crashed 33% and condos went down from 2006 to 2012 by 50%, with Kathleen and JP taking advantage of those condos and you, Bob and Dan taking advantage of the houses. I have been saying that in Windsor (more so than SE Mich) prices have been over-inflated. I expect an immediate and sudden flip from under-supply to oversupply and a significant drop in…

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Don’t pay that big Realtor Commission!

You still need a Realtor as a seller but the 5, 6 or 7% FEE is way too much to pay today. 20 years ago the Realtor was the “gatekeeper” for buyers to find houses. Not so with today’s internet. More often than not the buyer will find your house on or on their smart phone. Realtors do play MANY valuable Roles but not so much in the introduction of your house to a buyer. Therefore we can save a lot of money by offering the…

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