Tom Goebel has a COAST TO COAST REFERRAL system anywhere across Canada and the USA. Tom uses a a referral system that allows you to get CASH BACK REBATES for FREE!

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Realtor Emeritus Mr. Goebel helps real estate professionals with cross border real estate transactions.

As a consultant, the fees are hourly or flat fee and therefore the fees do not dig into other broker’s commissions. These -0- commision fees can be paid by broker to broker’s client to form a TEAM.

Mr. Goebel is past president of the prestigious Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Chapter 5, past president of Realtor Land Institute (RLI) Chapter #1, Tom holds the National Association of Realtors experience award as Realtor Emeritus, and has often been a guest on Radio Talk shows for Real Estate topics.

Licensed in both the USA and Canada, Tom can help with Mass marketing or procedures.



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