Real Estate Specialties

Licensed in both the USA and Canada 

Tom can help with Mass marketing or procedures. Past president of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). Chapter 5, past president of Realtor Land Institute (RLI) Chapter #1, Tom holds the National Association of Realtors experience award as Realtor Emeritus, and has often been a guest on Radio Talk shows for Real Estate topics.

Specializations or experience in Tom Goebel’s Real Estate career

Tax appeals, real estate (Industrial, residential, office etc.) Michigan ONLY

Re-Zoning (9 year planning commissioner)

Zoning Board of Appeals and municipal building & use issues

Income property buy, sell, lease, manage or consulting

            Apartment complexes             Manufactured home community

            Office buildings                     Retail shopping centers

            Industrial buildings                Net leases, gross leases,

            Most kinds of real estate lease forms on leased property

            Multi use properties               Rental houses, duplexes etc. 

Asset Management

Teaching certain courses or short seminars on selected topics

Commercial retail property

Industrial property

Office properties, medical, general or mixed use

American Disabilities Act (ADA) as it relates to real estate

Tenant representation

Land specialist

Syndication, Joint venturing is the most lucrative area of all real estate.

Farm, buy, sell or farm leases

Recreational land, hunting leases

Gas, Oil and mineral leases

Houses, homes, 2nd homes and rental houses

Property management                    

            Condominiums, condominium management

            2nd home or resort house or chalet rental or management

            Student housing, student housing management.

Rent Strike! Have you ever been the target of an organized rent strike? See me.

Investment real estate consulting

Estate planning within real estate

Tax differed exchanging, double & triple 1031’s

Exchanging or trading equities in real estate

Security deposit Act (Mi) and other landlord tenant laws

Paper, creating, selling and discounting land contracts and/or mortgages

Financing real estate including little to no down payments

Real estate company staff and agents operations management,

Property management company staff and managers, operations management,

Business opportunities

Leasing; office, Industrial, absolute net, apartments, mobile home pads, houses, commercial, multi tenant buildings. Land, field, natural resources, hunting leases.

Land divisions by the Michigan Land Division law “splits”.

Development, road and non plat development

Pond and on site sewage disposal systems including pond systems

Wet lands within limits

Asbestos abatement within limits

Coaching real estate practitioners

Real Estate acquisition confidential not confidential or straw name buyer

Referral business

MC moderator or instructor at marketing or real estate education sessions.

Web site identification and postings for specialty real estate

Broker Opinion of value (BOP) and or Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Organizations including formation of LLC, Limited Partnerships, C-Corp etc.

Statistics and research as they relate to Real Estate

Market rent rate studies

Timber contracts, select cut procedures

Guaranteed Sales formula or plan

Will personally attend and present you Biz Op to the MBBA

Negotiation, personally or coaching.

Leeds construction or Green Construction to a limited degree

Certify size. Net Square foot confirmation on building space.

Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) construction or analysis

Renovation/restoration of buildings to a limited extent.

Buyer representation

International Can/Am experience (Ontario Canada)

Real estate consulting

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