Buyer Rebates


Thomas Goebel has three (3) CASH REBATE programs.

First rebate is as a buyer. Tom will rebate his buyer clients 20% of what he earns on the old fashioned business plan of other brokers. In Canada this is typically 20% of 2.5% of a sale price. Example; on a $400,000 Ontario purchase that is $2,000 REBATE <2.5% x $400,000= $10,000 x 20%= $2,000>. In Michigan average 3% x $400,000 =$12,000 x 20% = $2,400 cash rebate.

Second “100% Commission” Rebate program is as a buyer on Tom’s hourly rate program. If you think Realtors make too much money, you will love this program. First step is to retain Thomas Goebel will a non-refundable $600 residential or $1,000 commercial retainer. This covers the first 5 to 8 hours of professional service. The service is billed hourly by the month. Provided fees are paid to date, the buyer has and will receive 100% of the commission earned by Thomas Goebel as offered by other Realtors or negotiated in the purchase contract.

On a $400,000 transaction in Michigan that would average $12,000 and in Ontario the typical would be $10,000 rebate. This may be taken as a credit on the closing statement, or will be paid promptly after Thomas Goebel receives his fee from the closing lawyer or Title Company.

Third REBAT program works anywhere (almost) in North America. Tom Goebel has a unique 7 point program to find his buyers and sellers a “Top Producer” Realtor, of good character, that has expertise in your type property and is located in that community. Not all top producers are looking after their buyer’s best interest, so it is important to find a Realtor that is aggressive on your behalf but not greedy as to their fees.

The program is simple. Let Tom Know where you are buying or selling. With his 50 years of experience Tom weeds out the 4 out of 5 Realtors that do not meet Tom’s high standards and introduces you to a Winner. There is no up-front fee and Tom is paid by the Realtor introduced after closing. When Tom receives his fee, 20% is rebated to the buyer or seller. This system has worked in Ontario, Michigan, Florida, California and Georgia among other places.

To be legal and ethical the buyer rebates must be paid in EXACTLY the same name as the buyer receives title. Such a rebate was not only determined as legal by former Michigan Attorney General Frank Kelly, but was encouraged as a positive program for consumers.

One of the outstanding features of all three programs is that Thomas Goebel with his decades of experience is ON YOUR TEAM and available to review and advise on all documents including but not limited to Listing and sales proposed contracts. Real Estate transactions are compound, complex and sophisticate.

Tom recommends a team including your CPA, a “real estate specialist” lawyer and Tom as your real estate consultant.