Sellers Save Money

An example of a recent seller’s fee saving program is as follows. 
Hourly Brokerage, How it works
An example of a recent seller’s fee saving program is as follows. CW is a neighbor living in my building. CW felt that Realtors charge too much and set a goal on saving money on the sale of his single family house that CW had recently vacated. CW is retired and was available as a seller to team up with Tom Goebel as a Realtor. An hourly Brokerage fee agreement was used to market CW’s house.
CW paid the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) posting fee ($600 is standard) as an upfront retainer. The normal or average commission in Windsor is five (5%) percent plus 13% HST tax. This sold for $172,000 so the average seller would have paid $9,718 (5% X $172K =$8,600+ 13% = $9,718). CW paid a total of $2,666 including HST tax on fees.  As compared to the average $9,718 this is a savings of $7,052.
CW not only saved money but he received much better than average Realtor service, professional advice and coaching. As a team we obtained three (3) bids in the first seven (7) days on the MLS.  CW’s house sold on the 8th day for 1.2% MORE than we had estimated its value. Transaction closed as scheduled two weeks later.
Tom Goebel