Q) Why do you call yourself a “real estate consultant”?

Typical brokers work by percentage (%) commission. Tom Works by flat fee or hourly so “consultant” is meant to distinguish the fee structure. Also Tom’s target market is to help investors, lawyers and other real estate professionals solve sophisticated problem in real estate.

Q) What do you mean my “Cross Border”?

Mr. Goebel is a licensed real estate broker in USA with office in Plymouth Michigan and also in Canada with office in Windsor Ontario. “Cross Border” referrers to helping USA residents buy, sell or lease Canadian properties of when Canadians need help with USA real estate. Typically one should not pull that trigger (buy or sell) until you figure out the tax consequences or how best to structure a transaction.

Q) Is this a residential only real estate service?

Either residential or non-residential. Thomas Goebel has experience in over 50 types of real estate transactions including but not limited to houses, commercial, farm, industrial, leasing, Gas & Oil, syndication, Multi-Family and property management. A list is available on the website.

Q) What is the history of Tepee Realty?

Tepee Realty was founded in 1950 by William J. Goebel. Thomas Goebel is 3rd generation licensed real estate practitioner. Tom bought the company off of his father in the 1980’s. Originally the office was in Redford Township Michigan, then Livonia Michigan and now resides at 705 S. Main, Plymouth MI 48170.  Tom was first licensed in 1967, became a Realtor in 1970 and a Broker in 1974. The Ontario Licensed is under “Thomas-Goebel, Brokerage”.