Cash Rebates

That's Right - Cash Back to you when Buying or Selling!

Here is how it works for buyers and was recently accomplished as cash rebates in Atlanta, Georgia and San Francisco, California.  Let Tom Goebel with his 50 years of experience introduce you to a local broker of good character in the location and with the specialization you need when buying your desired real estate.  Tom stays on the team to coach and advise the buyer including the buyer broker contract review as you work with a local “Top 10% Producer“.  It is important to find a fair and ethical broker that has your best interest at heart.  Tom has developed a six point program to refer buyers to these top real estate professionals anywhere in the USA or Canada.  “4 out of 5 Realtors do NOT meet my standards“, is a quote often heard from Mr. Goebel.  Thomas Goebel has earned the top credentials in the Real Estate Industry as a Certified Property Manager (CPM). Now semi-retired he is available as part of your team. Tom will review and comment on forms you are asked to sign and help coach with negotiations. Best part of all, there is NO COST TO YOU as a buyer. The referred broker is happy to pay Tom’s fee.  In fact you can get a CASH BACK REBATE OF 20% OF THE FEE Mr. Goebel collects.  Call 734 453-7000 for details.  This is perfectly legal in all 50 USA States and every province in Canada.

In a similar fashion, Tom Goebel can introduce you as a seller to the Top 10%, often times a top one (1%) percent producing agent.  It is also important to find that 1 in ten Realtor that not only sells volume but specializes in the arena of real estate in that geographic location.  For example, one Realtor real estate specialist would be recommended for a high-end house north of town and a different specialist would be introduced for a modest condo south of town.  As real estate is a major asset in a seller’s portfolio it is important to get the best help in selling.  Tom Goebel stays on to negotiate a fair fee with that Realtor, to pre-screen the potential listing agents and to review and comment on contracts and negotiations along the way.  Tom’s fee is paid as a referral from the specialist found to represent you as seller.  A Cash Rebate of approximately 20% of Tom’s fee will be sent after the closing.  This is legal in all 50 USA states and every province in Canada.  Call for details. 

Tom Goebel